Beemind your Clozemaster progress! Tell us your Clozemaster username and a Beeminder goal and we'll automatically update your Beeminder graph as you progress in Clozemaster.

Instructions: If you have a Do More or an Odometer goal in Beeminder, you can select it to be updated automatically via this app. You can also create a new goal in this app (that will be an Odometer type with default parameters, that you can customize in your Beeminder account). Or you can visit Beeminder and create a new goal for this integration with all custom settings that you want. (You'll create it as a manual goal even though it will be automatic.) The units should be points (i.e., Clozemaster score) and you can choose the number of points per week you want to force yourself to earn. Then come back here and select that Beeminder goal when prompted.


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